At the Tunbridge Wells Tourist Information Centre (TIC), we are here to welcome you, inspire you and help you make the most of your time in this lovely part of the country. So, here is a little bit of information about us!

We have been providing an information service to visitors for more than 25 years, and during this time, the TIC has had several homes in Royal Tunbridge Wells, including the Old Fish Market (which you will find in the middle of the Pantiles and is now the Champagne and Seafood Bar). We have a lot of visitors to the TIC with more than 25,000 every year.

The Tunbridge Wells visitor information service is now in the Amelia Scott!

The Tourist Information is now provided in the Amelia Scott building. You can also visit the new museum, art galleries, temporary exhibition and library, which will include a permanent exhibition on ‘The Story of the Wells’.

The Amelia Scott is open 7 days a week with customer service advisers on hand to help both visitors and residents make the most of what there is to see and do in Tunbridge Wells.

Visit The Amelia Scott website

Our team is always ready with practical and specialist information

In the TIC you will meet a friendly and knowledgeable adviser who will have ideas to share with you about how to fill your days, making sure that you do not miss any opportunities while you are here. We also have a range of maps, brochures and leaflets that you can pick up at the start of your visit, and peruse at your leisure.

We can help you with identifying accommodation options, accessibility advice and how to get about the area by car, bike or by public transport.

Come and see us at the start of your stay and find out what Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding area has to offer.