CREATE Winter Lanterns community parade 2022 theme Food & Drink

A welcome return of CREATE’s Winter Lantern Parade this February 5th 2022 in the theme of Food and Drink . Join in the fun with your own beautiful papered willow lantern and take part in the parade this year! There are a range of lantern kits available. Get your imagination flowing and personal your own kit today.

Get involved, get creative and celebrate your locality at this year’s CREATE Winter Lantern community parade.

Lantern kits available to purchase for £5 a piece and are available from:
Saltmarsh (32 Monson Road)
Cook (4-6 Mondon Road)
Whirligig (90-92 Mount Pleasant Road)
Serendipity (123 Camden Road)

Kits include: natural willow, specialist lantern wet strength tissue paper, masking tape, lights and detailed instructions. Add a personal touch and decorate your lantern in your own style. Let your imagination run wild.

Ice cream cone…what’s not to love with an ice cream, decorate with your favourite toppings
Lollipop…get colourful and design your fun lolly, the crazier the better…have fun
Slice/Wedge…think a generous slice of your favourite cake or a wedge of delicious cheese
Fish…add character to your fish with your choice of colours and patterns
Can/jar/tin/packet…think a big sushi roll, a packet of biscuits/sweets or a jar of jam/pickles
Carton/cube … think orange juice or oxo cubes or a box of sweets

Saturday workshops are running throughout January and are now fully booked.

Holding canes to carry your lanterns are available from garden centres, B&Q and Wilco, CREATE recommend bamboo.