Woodbury Park Cemetery

Woodbury Park Cemetery

cemetery and gardens
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Woodbury Park Cemetery is classified as a Historic Park and a Recreation Open Space. The cemetery is used mainly by local residents as a place for a peaceful recreation and observing nature. As a significant part of the town’s heritage the
cemetery attracts visitors interested in local history.

Visitors today will discover monuments commemorating many interesting characters from
Tunbridge Wells’ and national history. These include Canon Edward Hoare, Vicar of Holy
Trinity and 'Protestant pontiff of Tunbridge Wells', and William Law Pope, minister of King
Charles' Church, who created Brighton Lake ('Pope's Puddle') as a project for the town's
unemployed. Here too is the grave of local artist Charles Tattershall Dodd, along with his
brother Joseph Josiah Dodd, the 'black sheep of the family' who painted around the world to
escape the restrictions of mid-Victorian Tunbridge Wells. The family tomb of William
Willicombe, the local architect and builder who continued Decimus Burton's development of
the Calverley Estate, has a fascinating reference to his son Clayton who died in the Wild
West while 'aiding the Sheriff in the execution of his duty'.

Woodbury Park Cemetery is located in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, just off Woodbury Park Road.


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