Halloween Trail: The Haunted Mill

Halloween Trail: The Haunted Mill

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Competition/Game, Outdoor, Participatory Event

The Lamberhurst Hospice Friends Group are a small group of volunteers in Lamberhurst who put on charity events throughout the year to raise money for Hospice in the Weald. Their next event is the annual Halloween Trail.

Follow the trail and find the witches ingredients to make the witchy word…then make your way to the back of the pantry to gain your sweet witchy treat!

Grab your map from the Pantry from Wednesday 26th (1£). The Haunted Mill will also be open for a spooky walkthrough. Grab a glass of hot zombie juice at the panty (mulled wine) and hot brain smoothy (hot chocolate) and join the trail!


The Haunted Mill will also be open on Halloween itself and bonfire night Saturday 5th November, so villagers and people visiting our firework display can enjoy this scary walkthrough! All the money raised will be for the Hospice in the Weald.


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