Happy Birthday Tony!

Happy Birthday Tony!

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October 6 @ 19:00 - 20:30

Tony is just like everyone else: he feels joy, pain, heartache, and love; he reads books and watches movies; he has a mobile phone. Tony is just like you or me. He sleeps, drinks, smokes and swears. And today is his birthday! But, unlike you and I…Tony is immortal.

Born during the Roman Empire, Tony lived peacefully, until one day when he made a truly life-changing decision.

He’s dined with lords and slept with monarchs. He’s done things you couldn’t imagine.

But who wants to live forever?

Join Tony as he asks many questions, as well as answering a lot of those that we often ask ourselves. Created by Charles Barnett, this one-act, one-man show is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and think.


Guidance: This show contains adult language, and themes, such as smoking and alcohol. It also discusses mental health.16+ advised

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