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October 22 @ 19:30
Concert/Music, Performance

The award-winning and internationally renowned Släpstick brings their new show to Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells with their unique brand of mischief: Chaplin meets Tchaikovsky, Groucho Marx does Mozart. Schërzo sees a highbrow classical concert glissando into a bacchanal of mishaps and absurdity.


Neither bewigged composer nor magnum opus is safe from buffoonery in this clownish concerto from Spirit of the Fringe Award winner Släpstick. Behold as a marble bust of Beethoven comes alive and challenges his fellow sculptures to a yodeling battle-royale; meanwhile Schubert’s Erlkönig laments his dying son while prancing on a trampoline. Even the ghost of George Gershwin takes a turn as he accompanies an entire symphony orchestra, played by five musicians and led by an inflatable conductor.


In classical music, a Schërzo is a vigorous, light, or playful composition, typically comprising a movement in a symphony, or sonata. However, Släpstick are taking it literally for a perfect pitch prank. With their trademark blurring of physical comedy and musical talent, Släpstick play every imaginable (and un-imaginable) instrument to the highest level as they return to Fringe once again.

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