Superstition Mountain

Superstition Mountain

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25/05/2022 @ 21:00 - 23:00

The three Gunwallow brothers from St Day are in a bit of bother. Slim’s scrapyard business has gone pear-shaped, while Dwayne owes money to some very dodgy friends and youngest brother Mark is entangled in a doomed romance.  All three are on the edge of meltdown, and to cap it all, Daddy’s corpse is lying upstairs waiting to be buried – if they could afford the funeral.  There’s only one hope left, they must find the legendary Lost Dutchman’s gold mine on Superstition Mountain.

What will become of three proper Cornish boys in the wilds of Arizona?  Will their private Gold Rush lead to fortune or failure?  And will they live to tell the tale…?

Part epic adventure, part family saga, at the heart of Carl Grose’s black comedy are the emotional ties and trials of three brothers, rubbing along together through thick and thin.

“First staged a decade ago, and now this Cornish drama is back, and must be seen… The three spark off one another like a prospector’s shovel hitting rock. They are ever edgy and fizzing with energy in a gripping male choreography that is brilliantly managed and balanced.” The Cornishman

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