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Woopsie animation
November 18 @ 15:00 - 16:00
Performance, Show/Display

“Two silly scientists are on the edge of a perfect experiment – and the results could seriously change the world! But what if it’s not all about getting it right?


Pointy Finger prove that happy accidents lead to the greatest discoveries – whether you want a Nobel Prize or just some crunchy potatoes. Jump into a lab full of marvellous mistakes where grown ups and all brave young researchers will learn the magic of taking a chance and trying again! An explosive and energetic adventure full of puppetry, laughter and music.


The show follows Dr Fizzy and Dr Whizzy – the youngest members of the Whooshbang family tree. The Whooshbangs are a somewhat magical clan, with generation upon generation inventing things by accident (including play-dough, slinkies, ice lollies and dental floss). In an interactive two handed feat of clowning, audiences are encouraged to make noise, laugh and dance along as they meet a hungry robot, a genius mouse and a talking drawing-board.


All ages welcome but FYI target age suitability is 3-10 years.”

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