To say music is an integral part of Tunbridge Wells would be an understatement. Adele, Oasis and Coldplay are just a few acts that have started their careers performing in Royal Tunbridge Wells at The Forum, which is a perfect starting point for young up and coming music acts, as well as a great place to visit if you are a tourist visiting Tunbridge Wells.

Having the capacity for 250 people, The Forum is a vital part of Tunbridge Wells, and is set in stone as a wonderful experience waiting to be had. Whether you want to perform or just watch from the crowd with a drink, the Forum is a catalyst for creating connections within the area, whilst most importantly allowing you to have a wonderful time with friends and family. Music is just one of the amazing things that brings people closer together in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

The Music Venue Trust is an organisation set up to protect, secure and improve grass roots venues all over the country, as they know that every successful musician started off performing at a grass roots venue, such as The Forum in Royal Tunbridge Wells. The efforts made by organisations such as the Music Venue Trust have made it difficult for developers to take over and potentially demolish these venues. This in turn will mean that in the near future, we will see more young talents bursting into the music scene, after starting performing at The Forum. My bet is on Oscar Roche, who regularly performs in Tunbridge Wells. I’m sure you’ll hear about him very soon.

Having lived in Tunbridge Wells my whole life, I always used to think the things to do for a young person in Tunbridge Wells was very limited, but growing up, I realised I was very ignorant. If you are into sports, then you are in luck. There are countless Football, Rugby, Cricket clubs and many other sports clubs. Moreover, there are multiple fitness and leisure centres to keep you healthy, or if you want to have fun.

In terms of sport, favourite thing to do is to go to St John’s Park, situated near Skinners School, and play football in the ‘arena’ with my mates, which usually culminates in us all getting really competitive playing a match!

There is also the cinema near North Farm, which shows all of the latest films, whilst also providing a restaurant on the upper floor. Moreover, there are a range of restaurants situated around the Odeon cinema, along with a gym and a 10-pin bowling alley facility with an arcade within it. Especially on a rainy day, going here would be the perfect thing to do, especially for families or for a group of friends.

In terms of nightlife, if you are of legal age, clubbing is big in Royal Tunbridge Wells. The likes of Moo Moo’s provide amazing music from DJ’s all night long, with great deals on drinks. Pubs such as The Opera House Wetherspoons is a common spot to watch sports or just socialise with your friends. These two facilities make it rather easy for you to enjoy yourself within Royal Tunbridge Wells.

To conclude, I feel that Tunbridge Wells is one of the best places to be as a teenager, or even as a, or even as a younger child, as there is such a wide variety of things to do whilst living here, or even if you are visiting Tunbridge Wells. So if you’re a teenager in Tunbridge Wells sitting at home not sure what to do, just know that this wonderful town provides a world of opportunities!

Plenty of talent sharing their live music in Royal Tunbridge Wells
St John's park, one of many green open spaces in the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells
The Opera House, Wetherspoons pub in Royal Tunbridge Wells. Still with the theatre boxes and used for live opera

Written by Ben Cook, age 17.