My name is Sophia and I am a 17 year old girl from Italy. I am writing because I want to talk about my placement here in Royal Tunbridge Wells as a young girl doing a work experience.

This is my second time here in Tunbridge Wells: I was here also last year, but I have decided to come back to this town, because it offered me and people of my age so many opportunities.

Vista of Royal Tunbridge Wells, a charming Georgian town in the Weald of Kent
Laze about with a picnic and friends in the town centre park, Calverley Grounds, Royal Tunbridge Wells

I would say that I see Tunbridge Wells pretty much more like an interesting day city, because there is a wide choice of “daytime teenager’s stuff” for all kind of young people, from the laziest one to the most dynamic one!

Young people have so many different interests and this town is ready to satisfy every request.

Are you an untiring sportsman? You can join all the sport centres near the town and choose your favourite activity between racket sports, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, football and swim indoors. But, if you prefer doing exercises outside, you should go to Calverley Park [sic; Calverley Grounds] and find all those various courts or to Dunorlan Park, where a fairy-tale lake spreads for 6-acres and offers to visitors the possibility to book small boats and canoes.

Basketball in one of the parks in Tunbridge Wells.
Hire a boat on the lake at Dunorlan Park, Tunbridge Wells

Of course, all the parks mentioned are the best places for teenagers that instead just want to find peace and tranquillity, that want to meet their friends, doing homework outside and maybe tan, while resting in the grass and looking at the beautiful and multi-coloured flowers.

Is Indiana Jones your favourite movie character? Do you want to live a life as challenging as his? Well, although here in Tunbridge Wells you may not find Maya temples or terrifying monsters (luckily!) like in his films, if you are an adventurous person, you will be pleased to know that this town is prepared also for you!

At Wellington Rocks, there is rock climbing for beginners or if you are a more serious climber, you can visit the dripping Harrison’s Rocks. You may know that this lovely town is surrounded by the countryside, where you can have long walk or a horse ride, but also by the mysterious and fascinating forests, that are perfect for tramping and give you satisfaction for your thirst for adventures.

Tunbridge Wells has also shopping centres, but the most important one is the Royal Victoria Place, a 3-level structure, opened on 21 October 1992 by Diana, Princess of Wales and it is useful for all young people’s needs. There you can buy multiple stuff, from cosmetics to clothes, food (you can find McDonald and KFC), hair and beauty, music and electronics…I must say that the only thing you must worry about is to choose the perfect shop for you!

Then this dynamic town also has festivals; I have been to Mela festival, that was fantastic and I also have heard about Alfresco, that seems to be interesting.

Royal Victoria Place undercover shopping centre in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent
HIgh Street Shopping in the historic and pretty town of Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent
The annual Mela - a multicultural festival celebrated in Calverley Grounds, Royal Tunbridge Wells.

If your major interest is culture, such as history or art, you should know that Tunbridge Wells is itself a place full of historical facts and it has a rich amount of breath-taking architecture: the church of King Charles the Martyr, the Bayham Old Abbey, the Scotney Castle, the town’s museum and many others, but the most visited one is the Pantiles, in the centre of Royal Tunbridge Wells, where people of all age meet especially in the evening; there are most of the restaurants and shops. Once a week in summer it holds a festival, called Jazz Festival: it is exciting and enjoyable both for people that are keen on that type of music and those who want to spend a night out. I really like the atmosphere of those nights.

In Dunorlan Park there are fireworks in November, a special enchantment loved by everybody.

In conclusion, as you can see, Royal Tunbridge Wells is really a dynamic town, both during the day and the evening; the inhabitants love staying together, having fun and they are pleased when they see others enjoying themselves too.

Jazz on the Pantiles, a favourite weekly live outdoor music festival in The Pantiles, Royal Tunbridge Wells
One of the most attended firework displays in the region at Dunorlan Park, Tunbridge Wells

Here in Tunbridge Wells they think that the more activities are held, the best is for teenagers like me, because everyone has his own favourite range of interests and, as I said before, this town is ready for everything that can help you pass your time happily. And therefore, this is the reason why I love living in this place.

Thank you to Sophia for taking her time to share her thoughts with us! Do you have any teen friendly favourite activities?