Arty Farty Retreat share with us their exciting set of creative workshops for this Autumn. Get cosy and explore your creativity in Southborough, Tunbridge Wells.

With the change of the seasons comes darker nights, colder days, and the perfect weather to sit down, relax, and get engulfed in your favourite creative pursuits. Here at Arty Farty we make the most of the new season by changing what we can offer; our summer workshops move into our Autumn period and with it comes more seasonal arts and crafts.

Enjoy a variety of creative activities such as sewing, painting, ceramics, drawing, or even improve workshops.

In our sewing workshops, we will teach you the skills and supply materials to make your own creations: from seasonal bags, blankets, dresses, tops, or bags. In our oil painting, watercolour and drawing classes, we will bring seasonal imagery and objects, empowering our guests to create some wonderful work thanks to our enthusiastic and experienced tutors.

As with any of our classes, we always allow and encourage people to take away their creations with them. Nothing makes a better souvenir and gift than an oil painting or craft created by yourself.

Speaking of gifts, there is nothing better than a personalised, hand-crafted ceramic piece, whether it be a flower pot, sculpture, piggy bank, or candle holder. During our ceramic workshop, you get the chance to make anything you can think of: our experienced Ceramist is more than happy to help anyone, whether it’s their first-time holding clay, or if they are a seasoned professional. We also have an off-site kiln so any of your creations will be hand fired, then returned, ready to be hand painted by yourself. It’s a great fun activity for anyone, regardless of age!

For those wanting to practise their drawing or try a new skill, we offer Advanced Life Drawing classes with our live models.

Finally, for those who don’t want to do art but still want to get their creative outlet out, we offer amazing comedy improve workshops; these are for any age or experience. The workshops take place in a relaxed environment with ages from 16 plus and always result in lots of laughing and fun, as our Arty Farty SmARTies lead an evening of improv games, we never force anyone to take part, but usually people are itching to get involved after a few minutes once they see how much fun it is.

So, if any of these things interest you feel free to come to Arty Farty Retreat – there is no better time to get creative than when the Autumn season approaches.

For more information about Arty Farty Retreat please visit their website.